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Are you an HR professional, a business owner, or managing a team? If so, you’ve just checked into the Emergency Room for all things HR.


Why You Should Listen:

Practical Insights from Experienced Professionals

Hosted by Elissa Thursfield, HR:ER features the founder of Hroes with 15 years of legal and consulting expertise. Joining her is Oliver Robinson, a software service specialist who’s spent the entirety of his career in software.

Together, they offer HR professionals valuable insights and actionable knowledge to navigate daily challenges.

Real-world Stories and Solutions for Your HR

The podcast explores workplace challenges, from AI cheating to unconventional incidents like determining if sniffing a shirt is considered sexual harassment.

An invaluable resource for HR professionals, it provides insights to enhance their skills through real-world scenarios, aiding them in navigating similar challenges in their professional lives.

Make Your Workplace Disaster-Free

HR:ER extends beyond a podcast; it’s a dedicated community striving to enhance the world of work. The hosts foster a judgment-free space for HR professionals to openly discuss experiences, share insights, and seek solutions.

Subscribing to HR:ER means joining a community that comprehends the intricacies of the HR role and offers connections with legal minds.

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Meet Our Hosts:

Join us as we divulge the intriguing details of HR missteps, legal blunders, and workplace fiascos with our hosts:

Elissa Thursfield


Industry-recognised employment lawyer, BBC Radio employment law expert contributor

Oliver Robinson

Software Specialist

Working in HR software businesses his whole career, he leads Hroes customer success

Tune in to HR:ER here:

Do you have a workplace emergency?

Whether it’s a sudden staffing crisis, compliance conundrum, or any other workplace quandary, we’re here to help! Your workplace emergency becomes our priority.

Share the details with us by sending an email to HRER@hroes.co.uk, and let our seasoned experts provide you with a generous dose of advice. Together, let’s work towards resolving your workplace emergency and ensuring a smoother, more resilient work environment.

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HR:ER is a HR podcast where the challenges of the modern workplace are dissected, analysed, and transformed into actionable insights to make a better working environment. It explores various aspects of Human Resources and Employment Law, covering topics such as workplace culture, sexual harassment, legal compliance, remote working, and whistleblowing.
New episodes are released on a fortnightly basis, plus bonus episodes when there’s a HR crisis story you need to know about. Subscribe or follow the podcast on your preferred platform to get notified straight away!
You can listen to HR:ER Podcast on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, as well as on our YouTube channel. So you can listen to it in both audio and video form! Visit our podcast page for direct links to these platforms.
Yes, we want to help treat your HR as much as possible. You can reach out to the hosts and submit your questions or topic suggestions through our email HRER@hroes.co.uk.
You can support HR:ER Podcast by subscribing, leaving a positive review on your preferred podcast platform, and sharing episodes with your network.
Our podcast is aimed at HR professionals, finance leaders, business owners, or solely anyone managing a team to get more from their HR operations. While the podcast is centered around HR and legal topics, the content is often designed to be informative and accessible to many working in the modern workplace. So whether you’re a HR Manager, or someone interested in workplace dynamics, you'll find valuable insights.
The podcast may occasionally feature guest speakers or collaborate with individuals or organisations. If you are interested in such opportunities, pitch your story to our email HRER@hroes.co.uk. If you would like our hosts to feature on your podcast, email us at the address above with some information on your show and we will get back to you.
We sure do! We’re one of the only HR software companies to also offer specialist HR and legal consultancy, so if your own company is having its own emergency or simply wants to optimise its workforce contact our award-winning advisors today.