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Compliant documentation isn’t just for peace of mind, for some documentation it is a legal requirement that can leave your business open to fines and legal enforcement if you do not comply within the strict legal time limits. Even if you do provide documentation on time, if it isn’t correct and in accordance with the latest legislation you could still find yourself in legal trouble and with a fine.

Employment Contract, Handbook and Policy Review

Contracts and documentation issued at the time of onboarding and before a staff member starts utilizing our automated onboarding tool ensuring staff receive their contract, they can sign it, their handbook, and any relevant policies, welcome documentation, ID, and compliance checks, and they are introduced to the Company the day they start. No more chasing around for handbook copies or wondering if a contract has been signed; it is all done before the employee starts.

Effortless policy updates, implemented immediately when changes are released by our legal team ensuring you are always up to date and documentation compliance concerns become a thing of the past.

Electronically held documentation, including signed contracts and issued policies in a centrally organized secure system, and against individual employee files.

Onboarding checks- right to work, documentation, ID and process

Make a professional and efficient onboarding experience for incoming employees, so all documentation and checks are compelted before they start, they are fully briefed on their first day with all the information they need to know to help them to settle in, and are introduced to the company and identified peer support. Making the most of your recruitment investment to ensure you make the best first impression.

Day to Day HR advice and support

Not sure which policy deals with an issue, our team of HR Advisors are on hand to help whether its parental leave, shared parental, or deciphering holiday pay calcualtions, anything that you are not sure on, we are here to help and guide you through quickly and professionally through the platform, meaning you are learning and developing each time you use it.

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Our documentation is legally certified as being complaint and can be issued seamlessly as part of our onboarding process before an employee even starts with the business. Our policies can be issued live, meaning whenever our lawyers update, you get the update imemdiately ensuring that you are always compliant with latest legal requirements and best practice. Management through our automated system means that all of the updates are done by our system, and what would normally take HR or managers days or even weeks to implement is done instantly.

Right to work checks completed before an employee starts work, this beign essential given that fines for the company can be tens of thousands of pounds and can result in prison sentences. Not sure on an issue, or why you need to take action, our HR advisors are available to help with day to day queries such as onboarding, sickness absence, disciplinaries and parental leave.

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These services help organisations navigate complex employment laws, ensuring compliance to avoid legal issues, fines, and maintain ethical workplace practices.
Our professionals can help you stay up to date with regular updates, training and resources (and soon our software!), to help keep you informed about changes to employment law.
These services cover a range of areas, including policies and procedures, workforce planning, working time regulation compliance, equality laws, navigating the Employment Rights Act to prevent and reduce the risk of unfair dismissals and constructive dismissal, redundancy, TUPE, whistleblowing, dealing with grievances, restructures, workforce planning, employee relations, trade unions, talent management, employee benefits and reward, recruitment, training and employee sickness and welfare as well as dealing with employee exits.
By understanding the legal landscape, common issues and through getting to know your business our services can help you to develop bespoke policies that are legally complaint and help you navigate any potential issues that your business might face with your workforce.
Through the effective use of training, well drafted policies, legal updates and by having an advisor that you can regularly check in with, you are likely to be able to maintain a lower risk profile, not only by having the correct documentation in place (such as contracts) but by having a trusted advisor that you can call on to check issues or decisions, to review legal risk.
Services address diversity and inclusion through legal compliance, policy development, and by providing guidance on creating inclusive workplaces. Where issues are raised and there are allegations of discrimination, our employment solicitors can help analyse the situation, provide you with legal advice and a strategy for dealing with such allegations fairly and in a legally complaint manner.
Yes, currently we can work with a recommended PEO or EOR to help you with international expansion and ensure that you remain compliant in the jurisdiction where you have chosen to operate.
Employment law compliance plays a crucial role in conducting HR due diligence, ensuring compliance in employment practices, and facilitating smooth transitions during M&A. Where TUPE applies there are strict compliance measures that can result in hefty compensation complains if not followed correctly. It can even meal that a deal can fail to go through, therefore it is crucial that this is dealt with properly and planned where possible, well in advance.
Remote workers can present issues in terms of effective line management, staff engagement and relations issues and work quality. It is key to ensure that you have an advisor who is abreast of recent legal changes and also is experienced in creative solutions regarding training and engagement. Ensuring you have the correct policies in place and are driven by data, feedback and overall performance is also important.
Breaches of employment law can result in significant compensation being payable, with awards for unfair dismissal reaching a whole year’s pay, and for discrimination, can be into the hundreds of thousands, and in some cases even over a million. Proper planning, implementation of documentation and utilising your advisor can help to reduce risk, and also for potential risks to be spotted and mitigated.