HR Automation

By automating various tasks, documentation, and compliance checks, this module alleviate the administrative load on HR managers, allowing them to focus on strategic endeavors that drive employee engagement and organizational growth.​

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Right to work and ID checks

Integrated Right to work and ID checks with our trusted market-leading partner Trust ID at no extra cost​.

Still running a manual process?

Our streamlined approach ensures smooth staffing even with absences, minimizing disruptions and boosting productivity in any business setting​.

Key Features

Right To Work Checks

Aligned with our dedication to regulatory compliance, our automated HR system integrates a comprehensive Right to Work check as a standard procedure.​

This automated service streamlines the verification process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and adherence to legal requirements, thus safeguarding our workforce and organizational integrity.

Contract Generation

Transform your HR operations with our Contract Generation Tool, crafted by our in-house employment lawyers to streamline contract creation and alleviate administrative burdens.

Automate the process for reduced workload and enhanced efficiency tailored specifically to your business needs.

Automated Tasks

Simplify onboarding and offboarding processes by utilising our task allocation tool.

Ensure a smooth and consistent experience for new hires and departing employees, while optimising resource allocation for enhanced efficiency.

Supercharge your onboarding!

Upgrade your current onboarding procedure to include seamless RTW checks, streamlined contract management and automated task assignments.​

HRoes Onboarding

Onboarded and Compliant in 5 minutes!​

HR managers can effortlessly assign tasks, track progress, and ensure all necessary documents are collected and processed, thereby fostering a positive first impression and a smooth transition into the company culture.​

Efficient onboarding automation

Ensures a seamless and consistent experience for new hires, reducing manual interventions and errors.

Bridge the gap in workplace communication effortlessly

Enhance collaboration, streamline information sharing, and foster a connected team environment, all within one intuitive platform.


Simple, transparent pricing

That’s right – when times are tough for businesses, our prices aren’t. Our prices are locked and include free UK support.

Core plan


per employee per month

Enhanced plan


per employee per month

Ultimate plan


per employee per month

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Pricing is based on a ‘per employee per month’ , there are 3 packages available at £2, £4 and £5 per employee per month. For more information please visit https://hroes.co.uk/pricing/software/
HRoes is aimed at the SME market for companies ranging from 5 – 150 employees.
Typical implementation time frame from sign up to go live is 4 weeks.
Minimum contract length is 12 months.
Yes, the employee will have their own self-service login.

Knowledge-based article and videos are available for Admin, Manager, and Employee here https://141891062.hs-sites-eu1.com/help.hroes

No, HRoes is a cloud-based HR platform.
No, there are no setup or implementation fees.
Yes the HRoes platform is screen responsive.
Training is given as part of your implementation.
All data is hosted in the UK.
Yes a free trial can be arranged, please call 0113 8689000 or email sales@hroes.co.uk
You can contact our customer support team by telephone, email or access the knowledge-base.
Data can be exported into a .csv file via the reports area.
Data encryption of data at rest, at the TDE database base level, and in transit SSL to the browser. MFA for privileged accounts.
The login will be https://portal.hroes.co.uk thats what the consensus was to app, Username (email) and Password at the login screen, maybe presented with MFA if a privileged user.