Not just HR advice, we are employment law experts.

As award-winning specialists, we are here to support your business.

Looking for HR advice and support for your business?

We offer commercial-targeted HR advice for small businesses. We ensure that you are totally prepared, informed and compliant when dealing with any aspect of HR.

Running a business is stressful and the potential costs of HR mis steps are a big deal. We will look after this for you and ensure you get to spend time running your business, not just fighting HR fires!

Looking to supercharge your existing HR team?

Half of our clients are HR professionals like yourselves who use us when they need heavy-hitting advice when they are dealing with the really tough stuff.

We are a team of lawyers with 15 years of experience in employment law. We give your team piece of mind and confidence that they are taking the correct steps in any HR process.

We’re here to make you look good at your job, and provide you with the confidence to make an impact in difficult situations.

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What Our Customers Say:

Our Onboarding Journey:

  • We sit down with you to understand your objectives and where we can add value.
  • We take control and handle any immediate emergencies and risks
  • We can either enhance your current company handbook or provide you with a completely new one thats fit for purpose.
  • We audit employment contracts, identify any risk and make improvements to secure your business moving forwards.
  • After we have sorted all the basics, we then perform an HR and employment law risk audit. We then work with you and your management team to implement our advice and actions.
  • HR Emergencies can happen at anytime, and of course we remain responsive to any business needs throughout our relationship with your company
  • We then start strategic HR planning, making sure that your business is well set to continue to operate and grow well into the future.
  • We then explore your company’s wish list and goals and produce our action plan , all the while continuing to support your organisation when its business as usual!

HR crisis happening right now? Speak with our experts!

Supercharge Your HR With Award-Winning Support

SuperHRoes stands proudly as an industry leader in HR and employment law advisory services, boasting an impressive array of accolades that underscore our commitment to supercharging your HR excellence.

Our team has been honoured with double nominations for the highly coveted Lawyer of the Year award, Junior Lawyer of the Year award, and Rising Star of the Year award. These accolades not only reflect SuperHRoes’ exemplary legal prowess but also highlight our ongoing dedication to being your legal guardians in the complex realm of HR and employment law.

Elissa Thursfield

Founder, SuperHRoes

I transitioned from private practice as a solicitor in 2022 to focus on developing HRoes, a legal tech SaaS solution embedded in an HR platform. The idea had been a long-time passion, and with a like-minded founding team, we launched into development. While excited about the project, my legal background led to the realisation that a synergy between technology and commercial employment law advice was crucial. Recognising the strength of collaboration between HR and legal professionals, we introduced SuperHRoes. Paired with our innovative SaaS software, legal tech, and HR platform, SuperHRoes represents a unique and powerful offering. The success is further amplified by our exceptional team.

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Why Choose Us:

Cost Effective HR

Outsourcing HR functions to consultants can be cost-effective, particularly for smaller organisations that may not have the resources for a dedicated in-house HR team. We’re your HR team, for the fraction of the cost! Have a team in place? We’re here to support, without huge legal bills!

Seamless HR Integration

We help you seamlessly integrate and optimise HR systems, including our own specialist software – leveraging the latest technologies to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and drive data-driven decision-making.

Proven Track Record

Our extensive portfolio showcases successful collaborations with diverse organisations. From startups to multinational corporations, we have consistently delivered results that exceed expectations.

Decades of Experience

Benefit from over 50 years of combined hands-on experience in HR consultancy. Our industry longevity speaks to the trust placed in us by organisations across industries, from fashion to technology.

Are you ready to save your workplace from its own emergency?

Listen to our HR:ER podcast, where we believe in dealing with HR, not emergencies! Hosted by our founder Elissa Thursfield and software specialist Oliver Robinson, get ready for scandalous stories, lessons learned, and a generous dose of advice for HR professionals for navigating the HR landscape.

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HR Training

Strategic HR


Human Resources encompasses various aspects related to managing and improving the workforce within an organisation, such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, and overall personnel management. Employment Law, on the other hand, specifically focuses on the legal framework governing the employer-employee relationship. It involves the creation and enforcement of laws and regulations that dictate how employers must treat their employees, covering areas such as hiring practices, workplace discrimination, and safety. We are the difference. A lot of HR companies will just offer HR support, or HR consultants claiming to be ‘law’ experts, whereas we offer both effective Human Resources and Employment Law management.
Human Resources plays a crucial role in understanding and implementing employment laws to ensure a fair and legal working environment. This includes areas such as hiring practices, discrimination prevention, wage and hour laws, managing employee processes (flexible working requests, disciplinary and grievance proceedings) and workplace safety.
We do! Become your own workplace HRoe with our virtual workplace too. Our transformative software has employee performance management, holidays and absence, recruitment, and much more – all in one place. We’re able to offer you legally astute advice, as well as real-time data on your HR practices.
HR consultancy and software integration complement each other seamlessly. The combination of our consultancy and software empowers HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, employee engagement, and organisational development while leveraging technology to handle routine tasks more efficiently. This collaboration not only enhances overall HR effectiveness but also fosters a more agile and adaptive approach to workforce management in today's dynamic business environment.
To offer you flexibility, we carry out our consulting virtually and we also offer by prior arrangement and agreement face to face on site support.
Whether you're a start-up, a growing enterprise, or an established international business, we work with businesses of all sizes to empower their HR solutions - tailored to their unique needs.
SuperHRoes is formed by our founder, Elissa Thursfield, an award-winning specialist Employment Lawyer, trainer, and advisor who has been in the industry for over 15 years. As a trusted advisor to household name businesses through a specialist employment consultancy, she is now joined by a team of top level CIPD accredited HR advisors, to form stellar support team for your business.