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Get specialist legal advice and drafting on a range of issues from recruitment of senior people to dealing with emerging legal issues or responding to social/political change.

Specific or Specialist Document Drafting Including Letters, Agendas, Contracts and Policies to Support Ongoing Processes and to Update According to Company Profile

Service Agreements for directors and senior individuals are complex documents, these should not be your usual run of the mill employment contracts. Directors and senior individuals have significant access to sensitive and confidential information and often you are essentially trusting them with your business. The contracts should be legally sound, robust but also striking a balance for the incoming Director to know that you are well organised, balanced and fair. You should ensure that your use of restrictive covenants is reasonable, and within legally accept boundaries, that your confidentiality provisions adequately protect your IP and trade secrets, and for longer recruitment processes consider whether an NDA is appropriate.

Directors Service Agreements

Recruitment can be fraught with legal issues, are your job adverts legally complaint? What can you and can’t you ask at interview? What if a candidate doesnt disclose medical issues at interview? Can you dismiss someone before they start, and what if they don’t turn up? It is essential that you are following best legal practice and don’t leave yourself open to legal action before a working relationship has even started. Your recruitment materials, onboarding documentation and any dealings with candidates and future employees must be free from discrimination.

Advice in Relation to Compilation of New Policies and Remaining Compliant with Legislation

Whether you need a policy on pets in the workplace or in relation to more sensitive issues such as gender identity, our solicitors have the experience and skills required to help you navigate not only the drafting and entailment requirements but also to work with you to ensure proper and legal implementation and that your policy doeskin conflict with anything else in your suite of documentation.

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Taking advice on specialist documentation or having our employment solicitors draft them for you is a cost-effective way of ensuring peace of mind and knowing that you are legally compliant.

Policies to deal with current issues or trending HR challenges can be drafted on demand, ensuring your business interests are considered right from the start while retaining your legal compliance.

Executive and senior contracts should always be up to date, having been reviewed by a solicitor. These are likely to be the highest earners in your business and also the ones who can cause the most risk or damage to your business if the relationship goes wrong.