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Make decisions knowing you are briefed on your legal risk with commercially aware and seasoned employment law experts working with you on a full range of employment law issues.

Robust legal support for ongoing issues and how to bring them to a conclusion

Your employment solicitor can advise at any stage on the potential risks and claims that you are facing with any specific cirucmstances or procedures, they can advise on risk mitigation measures, provide commercial advice tailored to your business and consider the matter commercially with you. Advice is specific and can easily be applied to the situation in hand, in clear, jargon free English from approachable and personable solicitors.

Managing and advising on situations where discrimination is a risk factor

If you have the benefit of our legal cover or insured services, you dont need to worry about the ‘ticking clock’ of a solicitors billing, or be worried that every time you call for help that you are racking up charges. Your access to legal advice could not be easier, or more cost effective.

Legal advice on specific issues and assessment of risk

Experienced and qualified employment solicitors available to advice on and guide you through the more complex and risky processes or where you are concerned about discrimination, whistleblowing or TUPE.” with “Legal advice on specific issues and assessment of risk.

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HR and employment lawyers are not the same; both may at one time or another be essential for your business, but it is crucial to know when it is time to escalate a matter for legal advice.

HR are excellent at spotting trends, running processes, advising on those processes, dealing with the administration, and advising on workforce strategy and HR metrics as well as applying employment law within employment processes. They are key for supporting the business on day-to-day issues and also to help eradicate concerning trends.

Employment Lawyers are legal experts. They are absolutely up to date in terms of their legal knowledge and how to apply it not only to specific situations but also in terms of commerciality. They can absorb a lot of information very quickly and root out the key legal issues and advise on strategy, risk reduction measures, and legal plans.

They may identify legal issues that you or your business have not foreseen and can also represent you if things go wrong and you end up in tribunal.

Lawyers can also advise on process and review letters to ensure that they are legally compliant and are up to date in terms of the latest case law and legal trends.

HR and Employment lawyers often work best when they are working together as their skills complement each other very well.

HR can deal with matters to a point, but it is extremely rare for a non-legally qualified HR to be able to provide high-quality defence work in the tribunal.

A lawyer can help you with your internal processes and advice on procedures and specific issues as well as conducting legal defence work on behalf of your business.

Where an employee issue is particularly complex and there are a multitude of legal issues in play, it is usually essential that a solicitor is involved in those situations as they can very quickly become out of hand, and it is crucial that a legal risk mitigation strategy is put in place early so you feel confident dealing with legal issues.