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HR shouldn’t just be about ‘fire fighting’ and being reactive, but sometimes it is difficult to be proactive when there is so much going on that you need to respond to and deal with. The Hroes platform reduces the time you need to spend on admin, reducing tasks that take hours down to minutes and seconds, ensuring you are organised, up to date and compliant. This in turn provides you with the ability to focus on forward thinking and strategic tasks to help your business be cost effective and competitive.


So many businesses fall down with onboarding, not only following an extensive and expensive recruitment round, but also in the event of a TUPE transfer. A positive first impression can mean the difference between retaining someone or losing them after you have gone through the expense of recruitment or procedure of TUPE. Our automated tool is designed to make the onboarding process seamless, from booking induction meetings, dispatching contracts and handbook, signing and introducing to new colleagues, and even undertaking ID checks, onboarding is complted, compliantly in just a few clicks.

Employee wellbeing & EAP

Wellbeing is crucial not only for the health of your current employees but also to ensure that you have sustainable and employee centric HR startegy. The Hroes platform provides you with surveys, CSR tracking tools, social connections and communication tools, and through our partnerships links to virutal counselling, wellbeing and employee discounts. All your employee resources for wellbeing in one place, in an easily accessible and user friendly area.

Workforce Planning and salary benchmarking

Visualise your entire workforce in our powerful organisation chart tool, which gives you a view of your entire staff and where they sit in your organisation. Automatically updating from employee records, our Hroes platform takes the employee data input and transforms it into an organisation chart, no more frustrations with powerpoint, Canva or lucid chart, our org charts are instantaneous!

Sustainable Recruitment

Salary planning can be a nightmare, budgeting for NI rises, pension and trying to calculate the overall impact on your bottom line has never been easier. Simply enter the percentage increase for full visibility on company wide impact, NI and pension as well as any other benefits that you offer to staff.

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To support you with your strategic goals, our workforce planning tools mean you can conduct company wide salary budgets in an instant, deploy employee wellbeing intiatives at the push of a button, and report on a comprehensive number of metrics so that your business can remain entirely in control of workforce matters and can spot trends and issues before they become an economic issue. By streamlining the onboarding process and automating key tasks, make the most of yoru recruitment investment and ensure you are making the best possible first impression. Our org chart means you can have an overall view of your workforce and help you visualise workforce planning.

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Strategic HR services focus on aligning HR practices with overall business objectives, whereas traditional HR services may be more transactional and operational in nature. These go beyond traditional HR functions and focus on developing and implementing initiatives that support long term success, such as talent management, organisational development, performance management, employee relations, compensation and benefits, HR tech and HR planning for things like expansion, retraction, learning and development and employee wellbeing. It is to ensure that HR not just operates but plays a strategic role in contributing to the organisation’s business objectives.
Integrating employment law ensures that HR strategies are compliant, minimising legal risks and supporting the overall success of the organisation.
Strategic HR services help in talent management, leadership development, and creating HR strategies that align with business goals, fostering a foundation for growth.
Yes, strategic HR services stay informed about legal changes and guide organisations in adapting HR practices to ensure ongoing compliance.
Strategic HR services contribute to effective talent acquisition by developing recruitment strategies, employer branding, and optimising the hiring process.
Strategic HR services help organisations identify and develop high-potential employees, ensuring a smooth transition in leadership and key roles.
Yes, strategic HR services focus on creating positive workplace cultures, implementing employee development programs, and improving overall employee satisfaction.
Strategic HR services promote diversity and inclusion through policy development, training programs, and creating an inclusive organisational culture.
Services adapt HR strategies to remote work, providing guidance on policies, communication, and ensuring employees remain engaged and productive.
Challenges may include resistance to change, aligning HR strategies with business goals, and ensuring effective communication throughout the organisation.