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HR Advisory Services – We’ve got your back!

Get assistance on core HR processes from HR and Employment law experts to make sure your processes are run in accordance with the law, to resolve difficult issues around sickness absence and employee disputes.

Your business is important to you, taking the risk out of people issues is at the heart of what we do. Let us take the weight off your shoulders while you get back to dealing with running the place!

Navigating difficult relationships at work and employee conflict including current issues (e.g gender diversity)

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and some of the most difficult situations are born out of employee conflict. Ensuring that issues are dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally are key to managing situations and preventing them from escalating. Our experienced HR advisors can assist you with resolving employee disputes, advising in relation to grievances and investigations also providing mediation services where required.

Advice on managing sickness issues including long term absence

Whether it is checking you have completed a process correctly, or helping to respond to an unexpected response or communication from an employee; even to talk you through the various options that you have when it comes to managing employees through a process. Our HR advisors and software make us the complete support solution.


Sickness absence can be especially difficult and complex to handle. Especially when someone is off on long term sick or suffering from a disability. Our positive and proactive support helps you navigate the complexities and risks that come with sickness absence and helps to give you the confidence to deal with issues with autonomy using the Hroes platform and our guidance.

Assistance with core HR procedures (disciplinary, grievance, redundancy, TUPE)

Don’t get stuck in a process of not knowing where to turn. Our experienced advisors are here to help and are able to provide insight and offer guidance for even the most tricky of situations.

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Employment law services focus on legal compliance and resolving employment law problems within your workforce as well as providing legal guidance on processes and anticipating issues or legal problems that you might encounter, while HR advisory services provide strategic guidance on HR practices, employee relations, and organisational development. The two work best hand in hand to be truly effective which is often outside of the budget of many outside SMEs, often opting for one or the other.
HR advisory services offer expertise in interpreting and implementing employment best practice, ensuring organisations stay compliant and minimise risk of not following procedure, and also working to help develop workforce, culture and employee relations.
These services cover a range of areas, including policies and procedures, workforce planning, working time regulation compliance, equality laws, navigating the Employment Rights Act to prevent and reduce the risk of unfair dismissals and constructive dismissal, redundancy, TUPE, whistleblowing, dealing with grievances, restructures, workforce planning, employee relations, trade unions, talent management, employee benefits and reward, recruitment, training and employee sickness and welfare as well as dealing with employee exits.
Yes, HR advisory services provide guidance on resolving employee conflicts, conducting investigations, and implementing effective dispute resolution strategies. We have in-house employment solicitors to ensure a premium quality service in this respect.
Employment law and HR advisory services can help small businesses with legal compliance, HR best practices, and strategic planning to optimise their workforce and avoid legal pitfalls – at a small cost!
HR advisory services contribute to organisational development by aligning HR strategies with business goals, fostering a positive workplace culture, and enhancing employee engagement.
Services address diversity and inclusion through legal compliance, policy development, and by providing guidance on creating inclusive workplaces. Where issues are raised and there are allegations of discrimination, our employment solicitors can help analyse the situation, provide you with legal advice and a strategy for dealing with such allegations fairly and in a legally compliant manner.
HR advisory services assist in talent acquisition, employee development, succession planning, and creating strategies to retain top talent.
Yes, our employment lawyers stay abreast of legal changes and provide guidance on adapting HR practices to ensure compliance with new regulations.
HR advisory services offer strategies to enhance communication, recognition programs, and employee development initiatives, contributing to higher engagement and morale.